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  • Ruilong Automatic glass breaking line
    Automatic glass breaking line

    This production line is customized according to customer requirements. A total of 5 machines are composed. The composition of the machine is as follows: 1 SY-4028 double-turn single-station automatic loading machine. 2 SY-4028 automatic glass cutting machine. 3 Fully automatic horizontal breaking  machine. 4 Fully automatic vertical breaking machine. 5 SY-800-2 washing machine;

  • vertical washing machine
    Top open vertical washing machine

    Glass feed section-glass cleaning section-glass drying section-glass discharge section-assistant inspection section.

  • Round Glass Grinding Machine
    Instrument Glass Cover Grinding Machine

    This equipment is a non-standard customized equipment. The main customer group is instrument glass, which is used for the chamfering process of round glass.。

  •  Cutting ceramic
    Glass-ceramic Cutting Machine

    The automatic glass cutting machine is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the buyer. The front and rear sections are connected to the glass chip taking manipulator, which is used to complete the automatic cutting and special-shaped process of cooktop panel glass.

  • Glass transfer table
    Glass Transfer Table

    This table is for glass transmission, the table size is customized according to customer's requirements. 

Laminated Glass Loading Machine

Laminated glass loasing machine with belt conveyor for large weight glass.
  • Item NO.:

  • Color:

    Steel Blue or Customized
  • Lead Time:

    20 days
  • Warranty:

    1 Year
  • Size Range:

  • Processing Range:

    Heavy glass
Product Details

Equipment Parameters

Flip sprocket chain: special high-precision reinforced type.

Transmission roller: imported pu material

Vacuum sucker: imported  natural rubber material (double adsorption structure)

Transmission / flip motor: Bonnie motor

Vacuum pump: Wenling stone bridge vacuum pump

Bearing: Harbin, China.

Electrical components

PLC controller: Panasonic Japan

Frequency converter: Taiwan Delta

Optoelectronic switch: Shanghai SONON

Circuit breaker and motor protector: China CHINT

Control elemer: imported flexible shielded elemer

Contactor: Siyan technology

Main control vacuum solenoid valve pneumatic original: Zhejiang Yongqing manufacturing

Technical Parameter

Loading glass size range: minimum size: 1500*1000mm, maximum size: 3700*2500mm

Loading thickness 3-25mm

Fastest loading time 40s

Transport speed 0-40m/min (adjustable )

Maximum suction depth: 700mm

Maximum loading weight : 1000KG

Number of loading arm on one side: 4 arms

Number of suckers on one arm :3

Flip side: single

Loading station: single

Voltage: 308V/50hz (could be customized)

Power: 12KW

Compressed air: 0.3~0.5Mpa

Vacuum pressure: -70 ~ 90 KPA (adjustable according to glass thickness)

X axis conventional walking speed: 25m / min (variable frequency adjustable)

Y-axis conventional walking speed: 5 m / min (variable frequency adjustable)

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