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About Us
Anhui Ruilong Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. is a senior enterprise specializing in the production of glass machinery. It is a new type enterprise integrating scientific research, new product development, production, sales and technical services. The company has advanced technology, production technology and business model. R & D design and production of products: automatic glass, semi-automatic, manual cutting machine; bilateral, unilateral, cabinet door special glass edging machine; ordinary, curvature, ultra-thin and other cleaning machines; automatic rounding line; glass Rods, bricks, tubes, bottles, utensils, and optical material cutting machines; glass chamfering machines; glass turntables; glass punching machines. Our products are used in the cutting, cleaning and edging of buildings, electrical appliances, electronics, optical glass, microcrystalline glass, glass furniture, glassware, and glass handicrafts. Thank you for your visit! Hand in hand once, friends forever!
  • R&DR&D

    Ruilong has an experienced design team and each designer has at least 15 years of work experience in the machinery industry. After years of experience and customer feedback, Ruilong has continuously designed machines that are more in line with customer needs. Glass factories are becoming more and more popular for custom machines. Ruilong's powerful design team can design glass cutting machine, glass edging machine, glass drilling machine, glass washing machines  according to customer requirements. Ruilong has unique technology in glass cutting machines, washing machines and many other machinery, leading the industry.

  • QCQC

    Ruilong has its own complete quality inspection system. From small parts selection to machine testing, it has undergone rigorous screening and testing.

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