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  • automatic glass cutting machine
    NC Glass Cutting Machine

    SY-8080 NC glass cutting machine could cut very small irregular glass. A popular machine for small factory and studio.

  • Ruilong CNC Glass Cutting Machine
    CNC Glass Cutting Machine

    CNC glass cutting machine consists of full automatic glass cutting machine, CNC glass loading machine, glass breaking machine.

  • ultra thin glass cutting machine
    Ultra thin Glass Cutting Machine

    This automatic ultra thin glass cutting machine is used for cutting ultra thin glass. Applicable to OLED glass, photoelectric glass, liquid crystal glass, display glass, mobile phone glass, touch screen glass, OGS process of ultra-thin glass cutting, high cutting efficiency, good accuracy, high yield, and easy to operate, the operator has no technical requirements.

  • Glass Edging Machine
    Glass Edging Line Four Side

    C shape glass grinding machine This machine consists of two set of straight line round shape edging machine (4 spindles/ 6pindles / 8spindles) 90 degree automatic steering table. Adopting PLC control system, Set the parameters to control the processing width and speed through the interface, High-precision double linear guide and double ball screw transmission structure and control system ensure the accuracy of the processing dimensions, It is suitable for the processing of thin glass within the thickness of 0.5~5mm. It has high milling speed and transfer efficiency.Suitable for the processing of thin glass with a thickness of 0.5~5mm, high processing speed and high transfer efficiency, suitable for deep processing of industrial glass, used with washing machines, screen printing lines, tempering lines, etc. Main structure The machine consists of bed, fixed grinding wheel group, moving grinding wheel group, lifting structure, circulating water cooling system, glass conveying structure, transverse opening and closing structure, inlet positioning structure and control system. The machine is treated by high temperature annealing after welding by bed, fixed grinding wheel group and moving grinding wheel group, and the internal stress is eliminated with aging treatment, the working time is not deformed, and the quality of the processed glass is guaranteed to be stable. The upper beam adopts the integral lifting structure, which is advantageous to replace the grinding wheel conveniently. Technical parameter Max. Glass size 1000mm (could do customized) Min. Glass size 100mm (also could do 55mm need customized) Grinding glass thickness 0.5-19mm Speed: 0.67-10m/min Power: 13.7kw Voltage: 380V/50hz Parallelism ≤0.20mm/m Diagonal ≤0.40mm/m Weight: 3500kgs Dimension:  2420*2510*1650mm Equipment configuration Spindle motor: Xindongya Guangzhou Transmission, switch on and off, lift motor: Shanghai Ruijin Wire Rod: TBI taiwan Guide rail: HIWIN taiwan Transmission optical shaft: Wuxi chrome plated hard shaft Other electrical devices: circuit breaker (Zhengtai); encoder (Omron); AC contactor (Siyan Technology) Synchronous wheel: imported 2A12 aluminum alloy Synchronous belt: Italian Babel seamless steel wire belt Grinding wheel: domestic high-quality diamond wheel and Italy imported resin wheel. Transfer wheel: PU rubber wheel

  • Ruilong Glass Beveling Machine
    Glass Beveling Machine

    Ruilong in recent years to adapt to the market needs to develop a new generation of glass machinery is the smallest volume on the market high-precision beveling machine, mainly used for processing small glass, crafts, mosaic and so on. Adopt frequency converter to adjust grinding speed, wide adjustable range, good stability, easy to operate, gather rough grinding, finish grinding and polishing automatically. The utility model has the advantages of high working efficiency, energy saving and electricity saving. Dimension: 2700x600x1500mm Power: 14kw Voltage: 380V-50HZ Grinding speed: 0-2.5min Grinding thickness: 3-12mm Max. Glass size: 1200*1500mm Min. Glass size: 60x60mm Spindle quantity: 7pcs

  • Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the mayor came to Ruilong to guide the work
    Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the mayor came to Ruilong to guide the work

    At 8:00 on October 28, 2019, Beijing time, the Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Wang Shuji, and the Mayor of the Communist Party of China, Wang Cheng and his party, went to our company to inspect production and guide the work.  The head of the district of Longzihu District, Bengbu City, personally served as the instructor, and introduced the automated processing equipment of our com...

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  • The 6th Industrial Design Competition of Anhui Province
    The 6th Industrial Design Competition of Anhui Province

    In order to further create an industrial design development atmosphere, foster and enhance the industrial design industry, and promote the high-quality development of the industrial economy, the gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. On the morning of August 30, 2019, the awarding ceremony of the 6th Industrial Design Competition of Anhui Province was held in Caoshan Industrial...

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  • Automatic Glass Processing Line
    Automatic Glass Processing Line

    This automatic glass processing line is designed for Japan customer. This machine include: manipulator, washing machine,cutting machine and breaking machine  (for X and Y axis) and washing machine. Total have 5 sets machine.  All machines are controlled by one worker, High-end intelligent automated machines. Ruilong can design production machines according to customer requ...

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  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    To celebrate Christmas and New Year. During the period from December 18, 2018 to January 15, 2019, Ruilong offers discounts. 1. All machines have a 3% discount. 2. All ordering customers provide a set of debugging tools free of charge.

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  • How to cut laminated glass?
    How to cut laminated glass?

    Many people worry about how to cut laminated glass because they don't know how to handle the middle layer. I will introduce you to a laminated glass cutting machine that is very simple to operate. First place the glass on the cutting table and place the position to be cut in the middle of the upper and lower cutters. Then enter the cut length, click on the cut button, the machine starts cutting, s...

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  • Ruilong New Factory Officially Opened Toady
    Ruilong New Factory Officially Opened Toady

    The new factory of Anhui Ruilong Glass Machinery Co., Ltd.  was officially opened today. The production capacity of Ruilong will be greatly improved, and we will bring you the best quality and service. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit.

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