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  • Ruilong Automatic glass breaking line
    Automatic glass breaking line

    This production line is customized according to customer requirements. A total of 5 machines are composed. The composition of the machine is as follows: 1 SY-4028 double-turn single-station automatic loading machine. 2 SY-4028 automatic glass cutting machine. 3 Fully automatic horizontal breaking  machine. 4 Fully automatic vertical breaking machine. 5 SY-800-2 washing machine;

  • vertical washing machine
    Top open vertical washing machine

    Glass feed section-glass cleaning section-glass drying section-glass discharge section-assistant inspection section.

  • Round Glass Grinding Machine
    Instrument Glass Cover Grinding Machine

    This equipment is a non-standard customized equipment. The main customer group is instrument glass, which is used for the chamfering process of round glass.。

  •  Cutting ceramic
    Glass-ceramic Cutting Machine

    The automatic glass cutting machine is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the buyer. The front and rear sections are connected to the glass chip taking manipulator, which is used to complete the automatic cutting and special-shaped process of cooktop panel glass.

  • Glass transfer table
    Glass Transfer Table

    This table is for glass transmission, the table size is customized according to customer's requirements. 

How to cut laminated glass?


Many people worry about how to cut laminated glass because they don't know how to handle the middle layer.

I will introduce you to a laminated glass cutting machine that is very simple to operate.

First place the glass on the cutting table and place the position to be cut in the middle of the upper and lower cutters.

Then enter the cut length, click on the cut button, the machine starts cutting, splitting the work.

Finally, cut the middle PVB/EVA interlayer with an infrared heating rod or solvent.

This machine can also be connected to the loading machine and the discharge table, which greatly improves safety and saves labor.

Here is the machine video

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